Ode To Odd

Ode to Odd finds charms in the eccentric and the real, in the known and unknown, in the old and forgotten. Inspired by the duality of timeless aesthetics and craftsmanship–it is an ode to everything bizarre and beautiful in the contemporary world.

The label echoes the sensibilities of duo – Shreya and Priyal Mewara who are
respectively fashion and communication graduates. A design graduate, Shreya was intrigued by the rise and fall of drapes while looking at her mother wearing Banarasi sarees. But for Priyal, a communication it was a love affair with the world of craft and India’s heritage. We have always been drawn to fashion in our own ways; it was only natural to begin Ode to Odd together.

Though the people behind Ode to Odd are not just the two sisters, but also a strong team of makers and artisans who make it possible to make beautiful pieces.